The Port

The Port

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Shuten-douji By Shuten-douji Updated Jul 20, 2017

It's hard enough to survive in the modern world, even if you're human, and unfortunately for Keisa, she's anything but. In this world, humans and supernatural beings known as the umbrella term cryptids (or youkai) live side-by-side (with their own social hierarchy and rampant racism, of course). Keisa, a young oni, or a sort of horned nature spirit, shares an apartment with three roommates in the International District of Seattle, but when an internet conspiracy is unveiled and puts them in danger, the four escape to Port Townsend for safety. This Victorian-era Washington coastal town is, after all, dominated by youkai.

 But when the gang makes themselves comfortable in their new home, they discover that they're anything by safe. Whispers in the streets talk of a sinister plot made by human scholars at a local private university; that these humans have discovered a tear in the fabric of reality and are trying to communicate with the world on the other side using what they view as lesser beings--youkai. When her girlfriend goes missing, Keisa discovers that it is up to her and her friends to save her, unveil the plot, and perhaps save the world as they know it from the horrors within the tear.

  • conspiracies
  • cryptids
  • faeries
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  • horror
  • lesbian
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  • lgbt
  • lgbtfiction
  • oni
  • seattle
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