King Of My Heart (18+) • A Celebrity Romance •

King Of My Heart (18+) • A Celebrity Romance •

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Maya By mayafrommumbai Updated May 30, 2018

Welcome to the wild side.

A dark, twisted place hidden amongst the hills of Hollywood, where jealousy, hatred and betrayal flow easy.

Money. Drugs. Sex. Alcohol. Power. Murder.

where does love come in?

Mansions, cars, planes, designer shoes, Ava Johnson's got it all. 

Except for love.

Enter Tristan King.

He's the most famous superstar around, hotter than lava and he's got his eye on one girl only.

But will Tristan still want her after she spills her deepest, darkest secret?

Can a love with it's roots so deeply embedded in this wicked and depraved clime survive?

All we know is that everything will be lost before happiness is found.

#1 in Basic on 5/27/2018.

• First in the My Heart series! Check out the rest of the series on my profile! •

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