my mate is a player

my mate is a player

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Chapter 1

Hello I'm Cally I'm 15 and I'm a werewolf, yes I said it a werewolf, and I have a twin named Hope she's also a werewolf. We just moved to California where I wish I would find my mate. Anyways our mom made us move here for one reason: to get away from our dad. Our sister Maci and our brother Josh stayed with our dad. Since we're youngest we had to go with mom which kinda sucked because we didn't want to leave dad.

"Cal, Hope, aren't you excited to be in Cali!" My mom screamed.

"Ya mom sure, woohoo." Hope and I said.

"Girls cheer up I know you didn't want to leave dad but it's for the best." mom said. Maybe she's right but I'm not sure yet.

"Sorry mom I guess we just miss Maci and Josh." Hope said. She's right we do miss them, they are the only thing we had when there were fights with mom and dad.

"Cally, are you okay you don't look so good." Mom asked. What is she talking about?

"What?" I said then somehow I shifted in the car. Good thing I'm in the back...

victoriawilcox victoriawilcox Apr 30, 2017
Alright you dont lose track of time for that long, i mean what the hell were ya doin
stfuwhore stfuwhore Jul 26, 2016
Once it said ' hot twins ' I imagined Jay and Cameron as ' Aiden and Ethan ' teen wolf anyone ? 😂❤
peaches0707 peaches0707 Apr 23, 2016
I am glad I don't live in their house. Those color combo's are terrible. Just thinking about them gives me a headache.
xQueenOfBlades xQueenOfBlades Aug 12, 2016
Kill me!!!
                              Make the room black and purple!!!
                              I go insane if i see pink!!!
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ Apr 16, 2016
Wait isnt she only 15 and she slept with Cameron, holy bajesus
Nannieez Nannieez Jun 25, 2011
i think you should write a description for the story because most of the time i skip over stories w/o descriptions.