Academy Not for me (BDSM)

Academy Not for me (BDSM)

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Mysterious By everybody191 Updated Aug 12, 2014

Caramel life wrecked the day the news of her fathers death. Her mom sister and herself desperate need to move on , Caramel finds herself in a place she didn't exactly ask for. Dominance Academy. 

P.S the first 4 chapters are boring. well from my experience of reading I found out every first couple of chapters are boring but Il try to make it steamy and interesting in the other chapters to come!

~I know, I know summary sucks but don't judge it buy this or cover. 18+ and if your not than don't read this please. I'm warning you theirs going to be lots of "Heat" in this book if you know what I mean ;). So think before you do.

harls092101 harls092101 Mar 14, 2016
Yall are so rude, so what if she doesn't wear a bra... it's her decision deal with it. No reason for anybody to put anybody down for their decisions.
elarnalouise elarnalouise Nov 15, 2015
Skankkkkkkkkkkk allert all kids away from horible atempt of twirking
BriaBooks BriaBooks Aug 09, 2015
Wow. You actually know how to write. Proper grammar, spelling, plot, details? It's perfect!
Saige_Ann Saige_Ann Jun 22, 2015
thats how i felt a few days ago when i found out that my friend died. 
joky04 joky04 Jun 02, 2015
She is in Age of Adeline and in the Sisterhood Traveling Pants
SynthiaCrystal SynthiaCrystal May 05, 2015
I felt the same way when I opened my eyes after being rear ended by a semi