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Restricted Chapters

Restricted Chapters

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Austin Luver ➰ By MommaShifter Updated Nov 28, 2015

These are the restricted scenes from my books :)

What about her beautiful? Tehehehe I kid I kid but js it's you're xx
QueenOfKpop13 QueenOfKpop13 7 days ago
"Now you can see the normally hidden kpop fans slowly emerging from their holes"
peace104 peace104 Jan 27
For some reason I vision xavier saying mine like how tho queen of hearts from ever after high said it
                              "MINE MINE MINE" then she stole the heart dexter was going to give to raven queen ha classic I love her
@GoldenWings4Lifeu this is the smut book for all the werewolf books on her account (YOU MUST READ)
jhazminedonuts jhazminedonuts 2 days ago
And i want you to call me your willy wonka 😂😂😂😂😂
Is there something I should answered that with no hesitation