Asgardian Anarchy- Book One of The Asgardian Avenger (loki)

Asgardian Anarchy- Book One of The Asgardian Avenger (loki)

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Katie is a not so normal nineteen year old who has been with SHIELD all her life, and now she is asked by Loki himself to speak with him. Little does she know, she just drafted herself to help save Asgard. Katie is about to learn what really makes her stick out to the god of Mischief, and why she doesn't fit in with anyone, on Earth and on Asgard.

*This was the first story I ever published on Wattpad, so it is totally unedited. If you want to read a more well written story about Loki, check my account for Chosen. If not, read on at your own risk!

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I am basically a female Loki. I have emerald greed eyes, and black hair. And my body temp is below normal. 92° f...
mzsoop1101 mzsoop1101 Sep 30
Who has two thumbs, also named Katie who is in love with Loki? THIS GAL!
BooksMagicandMore BooksMagicandMore Nov 19, 2016
Every time i see Yay Me.
                              I think of London Tipton.
                              Sweet Life of Zack and Cody anyone?
Great present..a mission where you can die..yup perfect present.
Coffee-Cloud Coffee-Cloud Nov 15, 2016
I don't get it...ummm help, wait no! I don't want to know! I'm to innocent