PREVIEW | Uqasha (English)

PREVIEW | Uqasha (English)

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Maria Isabella By xMizabel Updated Mar 26, 2018


This Uqasha is the English translated version from my first work, Uqasha (Malay version), first published in Great Britain. Paperback version is coming soon to Malaysia, watch out for this space!

* * * * *

"Please don't, Qasha," he asks in a whisper while trying to catch his breath.

"That's my proof, Adam. You want me, you got me." I use a sultry voice and he stares down at my lips. Jackpot!

"No, Qasha. That's proof of yet another failure of mine to behave when I'm around you. I do want you, Qasha, but not like this," he says regretfully while stepping away from me.

"Qasha, please. Don't do this to me. Ask anything of me, a little or a lot, I'll give it all. There's only one thing I'm asking in return-please marry me." 

Uqasha is a beautiful, intelligent, feisty 22-year-old woman in cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur. She has everything a woman her age wants-a gorgeous boyfriend, designer wardrobe, money in the bank, her own car and the best education that money can buy.

She also has abandonment issue thanks to her parents, who keep sending her away when they are faced with another problem they don't want to deal with. The latest of these is a man confessing to having sex out of wedlock with her and offering to marry her as a way to atone their sins. Her parents agree and the wedding is set in a week.

* * * * *

Can't wait for the paperback version? Get full e-book version from the link below now!

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