Thugging With My Thuggette (Complete) (Edit)

Thugging With My Thuggette (Complete) (Edit)

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S  K  Y  L  A  R By Taylormade19 Completed

In the cold streets of Chicago, Arely Daniels is living through the storms. Her mom is a crackhead and often tries to sell Arely as collateral to her dealers. One night, some thugs come for their money in which Arely's mom had been getting drugs off credit from Smoke and Rimy's workers on the streets. During the take down, Arely gets the shock of her life as she runs to her mother's rescue only to be hassled and taken away because of her inconsiderate doped out mother. After being promised service for Smoke and his crew, they take Arely up on the task of making drugs at their local trap. What happens when Smoke, Tevin Jones, starts falling for young Arely? In between love and devotion, promises will be broken and lies will be told in 'Thugging With My Thuggette'!

Also guys, check the scenario, Arely is not really a thug, she's just young and the man that she loves is a thug and of course he loves her so therefore the story is called 'Thugging With My Thugget.'

Please tell me if you like it or not. I'm all for comments, good or bad. Keep calm on those bad ones though cause I will beat a bit ass. First story though!

lemonLyme_ lemonLyme_ Jun 27
Niggas love gettin they lil weewee licked on 🤦🏽‍♀️
lemonLyme_ lemonLyme_ Jun 27
Ummmmmm like a mf would care these niggas be already having aids 😭
GeneralocOozie GeneralocOozie Oct 14, 2016
I'm currently writin' my first book ever, titled 'By the Gun', and it's gonna be the best... urban novel... EVER. You'll see. Checc out the synopsis on my page
ErynnBerry ErynnBerry Sep 25, 2016
🎤I hope this moment last foreva🎤
                              Had to do it😂😂😂
TheAmericanWriter TheAmericanWriter Nov 16, 2016
*face palms* I - nigga I don't feel like preaching today just wait till you try and get a new bitch though ☕
theoringnal_kay theoringnal_kay Aug 22, 2016
Noooo she said 'Felisha cole' 😂😂😂😂I can't I'm done!!