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The Beginning of All

The Beginning of All

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PixelUp By PixelUp Updated Oct 09, 2015

The origin of the world began with Chaos and Order.  They were reincarnated as the greatest hero and the greatest strategist. They finally were released into their divine form as they lay dying in the Giant War. A fatal mistake Gaea had made.

Random-RedPanda Random-RedPanda Oct 12, 2016
"There WERE two beings."
                              I'm sorry, but my English teacher has trained me well......
PercysSisterLilith PercysSisterLilith Sep 04, 2016
I just the middle of brother's soccer game.....all the people watching are looking around to see who did it. My brothers staring at me and I'm here pretending not to notice a thing.
Dragonfire1108 Dragonfire1108 Oct 08, 2016
Shouldnt it be just "the first energy ever" considering  their isnt a world yet?
Redhood11686 Redhood11686 Oct 14, 2016
Want more info on the Pixelution than look at mine or our leader PixelUp's home page at the about section
Redhood11686 Redhood11686 Oct 14, 2016
I expect nothing less than a good book from the leader of our Pixelution
the_akward_fangirl the_akward_fangirl Jun 10, 2015
Hermes. you just dodged a lightNing bolt and all you say is 'Hey!'?
                              you're awesome