Lustful Innocence | Verkwan |

Lustful Innocence | Verkwan |

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Jongbae By YourThursdayLovin Completed

He smelt like vanilla 
He tasted like buttercream.
He was as soft as cotton, and he was all for me.

A secret desire, a secret lust, only a secret kept between us. If anyone found out we'd be ripped away from eachothers embrace, broken and tortured kept locked up in chains.

Lustful Innocence.

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*flahbacks to Full House* *laughs to myself* *thinks, “What am I doing? I’m lonely lmfao”* *heheh* *sigh*
Guys chill she took off her clothes so Vernon can stop thinking about him. I mean like when a dude gets a bone they think of their grandmas. Like that. I hope that made sense
P R I N C E   V E R N O N   E Y ?
                              HeAdLIneS HeaDLiNes---
Luv4Taekook Luv4Taekook Aug 05
ι ѕee, ι ѕee....  vernon'ѕ noт gonna reѕιѕт нιм 😂
After seeing this i read a whole article on it and
wonhunny17 wonhunny17 Sep 17
Everybody is high in this comment section....and I Ain't an exception ...hOll  uP bOi jsisjsn