Father Of My Child... Mr Hollywood

Father Of My Child... Mr Hollywood

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Katie moves to LA from London to escape a life of being under her sibling's shadows. A great job is waiting for her and life cannot get anymore perfect. 

Years later, she finds herself pregnant and without a job. To say the least, she hates herself and her life. Adam Foxwell comes into her life after a big tragedy and offers her a job she cannot refuse. She, like any normal person questions his intentions but takes the job anyway. There, the secret of her child's birth will be revealed 


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Jodykay34 Jodykay34 Dec 07, 2017
What the hell kind of friend is that I see that my friend is sick and is begging me to go home I'm going to take her home
IshikaVerma IshikaVerma Apr 20, 2016
I am so in love with Pizza Hut . But unfortunately people around me like dominos or papa jones pizza more😞
Mariagiu9270 Mariagiu9270 Jul 18, 2016
I mean my mother never cared about my nose but I have been disappointing people since I was -2 months born. The lady that was the the ultrasound on my mother said a had a big nose. *shrugs shoulders*
plmoknqaz plmoknqaz Apr 06, 2015
I feel ya. My mom doesn't really praise me when I win competitions... She didn't really find me being the top in our class too much of an achievement either...
Zeeeeee Zeeeeee Nov 19, 2012
@LoveYouLukeBrooks he really is... the first time I saw him, i was like wowzer
Zeeeeee Zeeeeee Nov 17, 2012
@LoveYouLukeBrooks that's Billy George... He was in last year's Britain's got talent :-D