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Toyosi Saba By Omotoyosi_ Updated Jan 25, 2018

My name is Revelation. Absurd? You bet it is.
But no my parents are not crazy. Maybe a little bit, but aren't we all?

Okay, my actual name is Oluwafimihan (Don't try to pronounce this, you might need a tongue surgery to untangle your tongue). But since Revelation is the English equivalent of my name, I just go by it. 

I am a 17 year old international student, Currently a Chemistry major at UMBC. I'm from Nigeria, a country in the western parts of Africa where we wear leaves, eat each other for dinner and think that America is heaven.

Joking!! But there might be a little truth in the America is heaven part. 
Life was going somewhat perfect for me. I was adjusting to the American environment, my grades were excellent (Although my mother would've gotten on the first flight to Baltimore from Nigeria if one of my A's dropped to a B) and most of all my spiritual life was noticeably better. 

But, there is never a perfect scenario in life right? Even in books or movies. There has to be a plot, a twist or an abnormality. Something that intrigues but yet challenges us. That is just the way life is and I have come to embrace that glaring fact. 

I met a boy. Typical rude, angry and highly opinionated young adult. 
He questioned every single thing I believed in and I made a mental promise to be the person that causes a positive change in his life.

A popular Bible verse says "Bad company corrupts good manners" 
If bad company is capable of corrupting good manners then to what extent can good company influence bad manners?

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