The Prophecy of Water ✔️ [#Wattys2018 Shortlist]

The Prophecy of Water ✔️ [#Wattys2018 Shortlist]

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Evelyn Hail By EvelynHail Completed

[Completed] The realm called The Squareworld is created and maintained by a supreme being known as The Mind.
In The Squareworld, where blood is water, and there are no celestial bodies, threads of fate bring three individuals together. 

Squinty, an orphan girl with mysterious past destined to become one of the fiercest Vigils, War Dog Riders.

Drian, an abbot dissatisfied with his way of life, who is thirsting for adventure.

Nalina, a wayward princess on the run, sought after by an entire kingdom in order to be executed. 
This unlikely trio is bound by one secret: they are The Etched Ones. 

Their bodies harbour the mysterious power never witnessed before in The Squareworld given to them by The Etchings.
Credits for the cover go to an absolutely amazing cover artist and fellow writer Narcisse Navarre @InkSorcery.

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BryantHightongue BryantHightongue Aug 16, 2017
You just made me want to write a note for my book as well. There are many things in my book that need clarification but I just can't find the proper place to do in my chapters. Perhaps a preface is in order.
I'm a fan of this genre, definitely. And then you have a cat. That makes me a fan twice, I guess.
MarilynAHepburn MarilynAHepburn Sep 29, 2018
This story LITERALLY kept popping up in my newsfeed--so now I'm curious. 😃
RLM915 RLM915 Sep 03, 2018
Excited already! Your description got me quite intrigued with all the magical-sounding names and places—absolutely can’t wait to dive in :D
EvelynHail EvelynHail Jul 25, 2018
@LadySapphire2018 It was rather short and informative but yours was really humane and quirky at the same time! Quite warm and welcoming if I might add!
LadySapphire2018 LadySapphire2018 Jul 25, 2018
That's good to know and I love the image at the end of the author's note. That was a nice touch.