The King's Storm [Bellamy Blake]

The King's Storm [Bellamy Blake]

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Agent 'Storm' Emmerson is the only female guard on the arc, she also happens to be the most feared and disciplined guard of them all. The elite. 

Storm was selected to train a young Bellamy Blake, this was due to a screening process undertaken for all new-born children of the ark,  in order to create pairings that will ensure a stronger and smarter population. According to the screening they were a perfect match for one another. 

Storm was high up in the guard and she was selected to lead a mission the chancellor had planned, one of the expendable population, she knew why she was sent. The 100 prisoners all got carted onto the dropship and Storm needed to blend in, which she succeeded in, until Jaha's video ruined her cover, alongside a face she has hoped to never see again. 

Bellamy Blake stood up, "They sent down the most expendable and most heartless of their agents, the one who would have floated each and every one of you on your birthdays"

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