Realm of the Runes: Blood Right

Realm of the Runes: Blood Right

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Gina Maye Millar By ginamaye Updated Nov 25

[FEATURED] What to expect: strong quirky characters, wild humour, a complex world filled with history, arcane magic, and unusual mythical creatures...

Enter the year 2099AD - a living hell of industrial wastes, a dying planet, poverty, and high tech crime. When a mismatched group of youths are thrown together under dire circumstances, they learn that Time will be reset.  They are the Octad - the eight mortals with Divine Blood, prophesied to save the world from a dismal end. With help from a benevolent Olympian god, they struggle to learn everything they need to know in the new Earth. The Age of Man is coming to a close, and Time will be reset...

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07_lexis_08 07_lexis_08 Mar 20
This is amazing I mean the first chapter gets you hocked instantly
A good story telling here. Some word usages interested me indeed.
Really incandescent bulbs? All lights in the future should have been LEDs by standard government law.
Interesting read. The writing draws you in and you are able to picture each scene quite well. Also, i picked up a few words i might use in writing my book too. Love to see this finished!
I dunno why everyone's complaining, I mean I can run and jump and move around just fine in heels.
Thanks for the GLOSSARY. It is e-z to see how these words are being used just from the context alone. But still thanks!