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The Unknown (OHSHC fanfic)

The Unknown (OHSHC fanfic)

97.5K Reads 4.3K Votes 5 Part Story
Kylie By littleanimefan2001 Updated Feb 08, 2015

Natsu Tanaka is the new unknown student at Ouran that not even Kyoya can find information on! He befriends Haruhi quite quickly and eventually he joins the Host Club! As the days go on the Host Club members try harder and harder to find the secrets behind the new student. But what will happen when they find out his greatest secret yet.       (I don't own OHSHC or it's characters I only own my Oc and the plot twist in this story.)

  • club
  • haruhi
  • hikaru
  • honey
  • host
  • kaoru
  • kyoya
  • mori
  • ohshc
  • tamaki