Triumph Reign (The Callistra Chronicles #3) ON HIATUS

Triumph Reign (The Callistra Chronicles #3) ON HIATUS

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Chloe Fairchild By ChloeFairchild Updated Dec 20, 2018

The world is at war, and in the third instalment of the Treachery Queen series, it is life or death with every turn. 

Pasiphae of Eo has made too many enemies to count, but she is untouchable. As the queen of Airesi and the face of Medeis, there is no other witch with a name that strikes the fear which hers does. If only Callistra knew the truth: Pasiphae of Eo has no true magic, and with the closer battle looms, the ruse is starting to feel more and more fragile.

But Pasiphae has bigger problems. The countries of Callistra have melded together. Borders are no more. As Morgana resumes her upward march from Khotadi in her bid to consume the world into the Unseelie Court, Pasiphae and Seth must push back with their joint Seelie and witch forces. To do so, Circe of Eo must first unite the witches, who are more torn than ever between differing ideals. As if that were not enough, the humans in Calva have fractured into two and the undines who occupy the seas surrounding Callistra are stirring with a dangerous sort of hate and revenge.

The opposing side is growing. Before the sisters of Eo can fight a war, they must understand Morgana's power, and when a revelation sends Pasiphae and Circe into all corners of the land, everything about Callistra that they once knew will be questioned.

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