World of Io

World of Io

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Avylinn Winter By Avylinn Completed

Two assassins, a young man with white eyes and an ancient N'aian set out on a journey to find the one who can save the world or become their ruin. They seek Io -- he who returns. However, finding him seems to be the lesser of their problems. 

A world in chaos, a world at loss...
where minds are weeping and children lost. 
A raging heart, a raging soul, a hero reluctant to save them all. 

-Willow scrolls, third passage-

This is the story of a journey through the dark, a mission to find hope where none exists. It is a story of how to find what is worth living for when no one longer dreams of the light.
The Earth is shaking, the Fire is raging, the Wind is wailing and Water is flooding the lands, while everyone awaits the savior -- the one man who can save them all. 

Come along now... let the story begin.