Princess and Trouble (girlxgirl)

Princess and Trouble (girlxgirl)

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Two girls, two different walks of life, one love story.

Dakota Springson was a princess. Not an actual princess, but you know the type. Rich parents, good looks, got everything she wanted when she wanted it.  Everything she did she was good at: sports, school work, music. There was nothing she couldn't do. Everyone wanted to be her. And she knew it.
Alex Brown's middle name was trouble. Not really, but you know the type. Tragic backstory, criminal record and bad temper. It was the combination which screamed 'stay away' and everyone did. She did drugs, got into fights and never paid attention in class. The only reason her enrolment hadn't been terminated was because even the principal was afraid of her.
The pair come from completely different walks of life. But what happens when Trouble meets the Princess?

This is girlxgirl. If you don't like that kinda thing, then please don't read it.

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