Sneak Peeks

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Elise B-H By EliseB-HPhilClark Updated 3 months ago
Sneak peeks to all my non-uploaded works. You vote and tell me which ones you like best so I know what stories to trash and what stories to upload and keep working on! 
    xox EliseB-Heygrr
                                    He isn't THAT bad,okay? I mean,he helps people out!
@IAmSeverusSnape -: Thank You Proffesor,is there anything you could dp with these...? -shows writing on arms- ...?
@IAmSeverusSnape.       You are foul even little coachroach. I know exactly why you went dark. Did you know that if you gave up on Lily no one would even go for you. You're an ugly creature. That's why I hate your class. I got in the best house, Ravenclaw!!!
@IAmSeverusSnape.      Aww. What are you   gonna do? Give me detention? Take away house points? Not gonna work! I'm a happy go lucky person. Just like James Potter. And no sneering. Did  I mention that Lily hates you for calling her the m word.
@IAmSeverusSnape.   I heard of a muggle invention. Even us wizards and witches use it. It's called Shampoo. It is cheap. Buy it. NOW!!! Once again, its called Shampoo
can u check out my new story? thnxs.  and u should post them tonight :))