Almost Gone (Book Two) [On Hold]

Almost Gone (Book Two) [On Hold]

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Sarah_A_ By Sarah_A_ Updated Sep 22, 2014

Sequel to Almost True.

How long can you wait on love?

Everyday Seth Harrison checks a mailbox, expecting a letter from Molly Andrews. He watches the beach from his bedroom window hoping he will find her there. He paints her on to every canvas his brush touches. He hasn't seen or heard from her in three months but he can't let go. Not yet, at least. 

Molly Andrews is plagued by visions of death and dreams about beautiful people with malicious intent. She's exhausted all her resources to explain the remarkable phenom she's experiencing. In an act of desperation, she decides to find Seth, the one who loved her and then left. 

In their search for love-reimagined and answers to the questions they've been afraid to ask, Seth and Molly discover outside forces are at work to both pull them together and tear them apart.

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PhitlhelloNgwenya PhitlhelloNgwenya Oct 18, 2016
You are so talented and im glad your books are the fist ones im reading since i got wattpad because they are so good and i feel like reading them again and again
fireflying505 fireflying505 Aug 06, 2014
Finally getting round to catching up on my missed reading =) lovely start, can't wait to see where Molly is.
StoryofAshlyn StoryofAshlyn Mar 24, 2014
Lovely opening! The fact that they've been separated is heartbreaking, and I'm wondering what Molly has been doing...anyways, snappy dialogue (as per usual)...the summary is fantastic, as well. :)
lettersforluv lettersforluv Jan 31, 2014
your stories are among the best in wattpad. I've read Almost True and now I couldn't wait to read Almost Gone and more from you.
neerunni neerunni Jan 22, 2014
Excellent start Sarah. There is so much of intrigue in this chapter to keep me waiting anxiously for more.
KaylaAlexisW KaylaAlexisW Jan 22, 2014
I was so giddy when I saw this. Good luck with finishing it. I can't wait to see what happens next. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and I love this preview.