Save Me (ManxMan)

Save Me (ManxMan)

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V. H. Oldfield By TheOriginOfLove2013 Completed

Jack Jackson is a young adult. He has a great life and a cute boyfriend. But, one day while he was walking to go into his apartment, he finds a stranger on the ground almost dead due to the cold.. But is he really a stranger? He decides to take him with him. Soon after that things began to happen  and his life change completely and not for the best...

(Cover made by @llodoovod !)

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just because he doesn't talk doesn't make him weird, mr. cocky pants
Hawaii197 Hawaii197 4 days ago
It December Christmas is always here time for present I''ll cut that hair
I only just realized it was written mystical... I kept reading mythical
he shouldn't judge people without knowing who they actually are
Chapter one. The Beginning - In THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the Earth 😂 lol first thing that came in mind... moving on
Hawaii197 Hawaii197 4 days ago
Give you scissors for you to use maybe a comb from Santa Claus to