Save Me (ManxMan)

Save Me (ManxMan)

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V. H. Oldfield By TheOriginOfLove2013 Completed

Jack Jackson is a young adult. He has a great life and a cute boyfriend. But, one day while he was walking to go into his apartment, he finds a stranger on the ground almost dead due to the cold.. But is he really a stranger? He decides to take him with him. Soon after that things began to happen  and his life change completely and not for the best...

(Cover made by @llodoovod !)

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I'm in love 😍😫😫😫 I love the fact that he has so much hair
HistoryBefour HistoryBefour Sep 25, 2016
just because he doesn't talk doesn't make him weird, mr. cocky pants
Hawaii197 Hawaii197 Dec 03, 2016
It December Christmas is always here time for present I''ll cut that hair
yasholovescats yasholovescats Jul 07, 2016
I only just realized it was written mystical... I kept reading mythical
boysOvaflower boysOvaflower Feb 21, 2016
he shouldn't judge people without knowing who they actually are
1DiamondJewel 1DiamondJewel Oct 20, 2016
Chapter one. The Beginning - In THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the Earth 😂 lol first thing that came in mind... moving on