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Dear My Sun 》💌 Valdangelo ⏪♥ (#ZodiacAwards)

Dear My Sun 》💌 Valdangelo ⏪♥ (#ZodiacAwards)

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Love, Cookie By AnnabethJackson0000 Updated Aug 01, 2017

Dear Sunshine,

Sometimes the sun shines brighter, on those days where my rain falls from my cheeks, and though I try not to think about it, my mind always wanders to you.
So thank you, my sun, for drying my tears, the best way you can, from far away. I hope to see you another day, my sun, but until then, I will just remember.

But remember, my sun, your path is rainy and sunny, too. Sometimes it IS all for you.

Inspired by my #NoH8 postings.

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