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Finding Evelyn A Home

Finding Evelyn A Home

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EyesShut88 By EyesShut88 Updated Dec 10, 2015

Evelyn has been shunned her whole life in her old pack by her so called friends and family who abandoned her when her mother, the Luna of the pack, had run off with her mate. Alone and blamed for her mother's disappearance, she became the official maid of the pack, which at this time is an incredibly common position to have. But maids are treated badly, with some packs more or less treating them like slaves and servants. 
  The Phoenix pack is home to some of the most dangerous wolves, including an alpha who is rumored to be heartless and a monster. Sold to the Phoenix Pack, Evelyn discovers the true meaning of love and finally finds a place where she feels safe, cherished and wanted. 
  With a dodgy pack Doctor, cheeky pups, inappropriate grandmas and an arrogant alpha, Evelyn will feel straight at home. Right?
  --- First couple of chapters aren't my best work, but if you keep going past them, I can assure you that it gets better :D ---

Amthyst_Crow1102 Amthyst_Crow1102 Nov 30, 2016
That ought too wake you up in the morning! Good ole smack to the noggins what I always say! 😂
peaches4747 peaches4747 Oct 31, 2016
Great, the doctor is a pervert. Does he act like this with all the females? Disgusting.
MarvelousMaReesha MarvelousMaReesha Nov 02, 2016
Why do you use ' instead of " ? Your suppose to use quotations for dialogue
randomperkygirl randomperkygirl Sep 24, 2015
Someone call a doctor she needs a heavy dose of vitamin DEEZ NUTS
                              I'm sorry I'm tumblr trash
JessicaVard15 JessicaVard15 Sep 06, 2015
Colton your acting thirsty. Now the doctor has ordered you to drink a gallon of water and take a chill pill because you are being to extra right now lolz
- - Aug 21, 2015
Yep..they'll fall in love...this is the story of the doctor and the