The Yakuza Bride

The Yakuza Bride

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He is the eldest son of a Russian mobster, and she is the only daughter of a Yakuza boss.
He is cunning, ruthless, a born fighter. She likes her knives, but loves her cello even more.

The Yakuza and Mafia have been fighting for years, ever since his grandfather's time, and their current bosses wish to stop the bloodshed. Leonidas didn't expect much when he was made to marry a tiny, seemingly innocent Yakuza girl to keep the peace between them. He didn't expect that she would have a sweetheart, didn't expect the murders that would come after their marriage (well, maybe he did), didn't expect the gang wars that would break out, and definitely didn't expect that he would come to love his bride.

Life is full of unexpected surprises, isn't it?

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[Completed 14 July 2016]
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tsutsu101 tsutsu101 Oct 12
omg am so excited!!!, this book looks fresh and appetising to me lol, cant wait to devour it hahahaha...
side note- ive already read the whole book, but i wanted to read it again so i just wanted to say that this is one of the most original works ive seen in a while. its actually amazing. loved it from start to finish.
Reading_You_Bish Reading_You_Bish Jul 06, 2016
Mafia ain't really that fun... especially when your next minute can be your last. Anywho, a lot of people love danger just because they feel alive. (I have no idea why I just wrote the above...)
LadyBoredom LadyBoredom May 28, 2016
But...the yazukas were Japanese...although it doesn't really change anything..
KikiEmin KikiEmin May 20, 2016
I love yakuza/mafia. The fact that the heroine is Asian makes me want to read your story even more!
sunibee sunibee Jul 17, 2016
I like I already I also have a weird obession with criminal organisation's