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[Warning: Contains explicit content]

He's Big. He's Bad. He's Beautiful.

 Everyone in the werewolf world knows Zeus.

With stunning golden eyes and a sneer that could take down an entire army, Zeus is the baddest of the bad, using his untouchable strength to strike down all that oppose him.
Leading the massive Blood Dynasty Pack, Zeus is known as the deadliest alpha alive, branding fear even into the Alpha King himself.
But even this deadly beast can't escape his fate laid out by the moon goddess herself...

Sweet little Annabelle Leonard has never known what it's like to be loved, or wanted, by a man. She's always craved to find her mate, her other half, to awaken her wolf and finally be whole.
But what happens when fate plays its part and destines the fierce Zeus and the innocent Annabelle to be together?
How will she be able to cope with a possessive Zeus and his power over the biggest pack in North America? Will she crumble under the pressure? Will she learn to tame the beast before it tames her?

And how will their bond survive when the mysterious "M" claims Annabelle for himself? 
Will he successfully steal her away? Or will Zeus release the beast to protect his one true love?

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