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This Isn't A Fairytale (Aaron Carpenter Love Story) ~ Book 1

This Isn't A Fairytale (Aaron Carpenter Love Story) ~ Book 1

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Kaila Sykes-Tomlinson By AaronBCarpentersBae Completed

Aaron Carpenter.  
Good-looking. Funny. Friendly. And very popular.  He is usually seen with his friends Hayes, Nash, Matt and Cam. They would be considered the jocks in our school but they are mainly popular because they are all hot.  
He is a good kid. He is smart but does not like to show it off much cause of his popularity status.   He isn't the type of go bully people rather he is like the class clown president in aw ay.      
Kaila Smith.  
She is your average nerd so to speak. She has glasses but they aren't the stereotype ones they fit her perfectly. She is very smart and is not afraid to show it.  She is the type to hang with close friends and stay at home instead of going out.
Her best friemds are Jack G., Evelyn, Taylor, Shawn, Milgely, Jack J., and Aarti.  Each one of her girl friends have a certain crush on one of the boys which she doesn't know about. At least not yet.......
So what happens when a ball is held at the high school and it just so happens the jock falls for the nerd? Will everything be alright? Will they survive? Will someone or possibly something get in the way?   
Read to find out.(:
(Book 1)

-dolan- -dolan- Mar 13, 2016
Only one without a comment so me? I guess lmfao it's to late
SomeoneCares22 SomeoneCares22 Nov 13, 2016
How weird. I have a friend named Kayli Smith. Not the same, but very close.
magconboys4life123 magconboys4life123 May 05, 2016
I'll do it my eyes are blue and in 5'3 i have blue eyes my favorite color is blue i have black long hair dancing,singing, and drawing i like to party at times it takes time to get to know me and i love to mostly do every thing i am quiet at times but i can get pretty wild and i love skateboarding
iisarcasmii iisarcasmii Feb 17, 2015
im not afraid to show it show it..... IM SEXY AND I (DONT) KNOW IT!!!
fvckteaminternet fvckteaminternet Dec 27, 2014
I have long brown hair and brown eyes and I'm 5'6 and I have a past so I'm insecure. But I'm really pretty