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✨ By etherealhibiscus Updated Jan 10, 2017

❝She's a mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eyes❞ 

Winter Smith. Beaten, broken, yet beautiful.

Ayden Jones. Her soon-to-be-everything.

Winter is a young girl with a calamitous past and home life. She can't seem to escape the grasp of her demons, but refuses to tell anyone of her pain. Ayden is drawn to Winter with the desire to protect; a feeling unalike any other the two of them have experienced before. 

When their two worlds collide, will Winter let her demons loose?

MajesticSqirrel MajesticSqirrel Dec 06, 2017
Omg I was listening to Enter Shikari - Torn Apart while reading this and the guitar solo towards the end completely complemented this scene!  I'm so glad I was blessed of this outcome.
OhAvalon OhAvalon Nov 25, 2017
We are taught thats the appropriate thing to say, say 'hello' followed up with a 'how are you' if someone asks how you are always say 'im fine, thank you' and plaster on a smile.
kindiroo kindiroo Dec 23, 2017
You are a really great author. This is one of the best stories on wattpad.
__Murtle__ __Murtle__ Oct 17, 2016
I like your style of writing, but don't get so caught up that you write in past tense. Just a heads up in case your writing anything else! Really, really good so far!
Alice26412 Alice26412 Jan 16, 2014
But seriously, awsome chapter. U R LIKE THE BESTEST ESTEST WRITER EVER!¡!¡!¡!