Bad Blood (h.s.)

Bad Blood (h.s.)

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Book Song: Bad Blood by Sleeping At Last

His eyes glowed. The emerald rimmed orbs dilating as he stares at me in the dark. The sense of intensity the eyes of the boy hold make me weak, losing all sense in knowing what to do. He moves closer, hands reaching out, encasing my own hand in his. He brings it to his lips and presses a cold kiss to the back. I stand frozen, unable to move, watching as the nameless boy presses his chest to mine, leaving no space between us. The coolness of his hand presses to the nape of my neck, my eyes closing as he keeps me close.

The wind stings my body as I stand in the middle of the alley, the mysterious boy looking deep into my eyes after I open them once again. His eyes softly looking at me as he holds my hand tight, holding it at if he was afraid I would push him away as the other lay limp at my side. His thumb brushes over my jaw and my eyes look at the ground. His head moves to the side, feeling his breath on my ear.

“You’re mine,” he whispers, breathing heavily into my ear. He lets me go and I watch as his dark figure walks away, leaving me speechless. I can’t move, his enticing personality making me want him, letting me stand here in my thoughts. The only thing I have is his eyes; I don’t even have a name.

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narrygoalss narrygoalss Jan 14
Im having a feeling we will never let this one slip..
hsrryatyles hsrryatyles Nov 22, 2017
me but in my case I sadly know harry won’t show up and change everything
Gabriella-h Gabriella-h Nov 25, 2017
Girl you’ll probably be sucking harry’s dïck in about 12 chapters
harry_is_daddy_ harry_is_daddy_ Dec 13, 2017
Omg I was reading it over quickly and thought Harry sayd and did this 😭😭😂
DudsSiviero DudsSiviero Feb 18
I loved After, loved Wuthering heights, and I am falling in love with this book!!!
mizaarie mizaarie Nov 22, 2017
I swear it’s always a book store but I’m not complaining I love book stores-