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The Weeping Willow [Rise of the Guardians]

The Weeping Willow [Rise of the Guardians]

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Lexis Quoll (otherwise known as Xi) By KittehVader Updated Mar 05

Not all spirits are Guardians. Jack Frost didn't start out as a Guardian, and Pitch Black definitely isn't one. The truth is: there are thousands of spirits we'll never know about. Spirits that linger just around every other corner, eyes shining when someone looks their way only to sigh in resignation when they notice the person is not in fact staring at them, but through them.

Some special spirits are immortalized into deities, such as Mother Nature and Father Time. Others are feared- Pitch Black, for instance. 

And then there are the Guardians: spirits whose purpose in their after-lives is to keep children smiling. Keep them giggling. The Guardians were founded for joy! 

Or so it seems to every spirit, even the saddest spirit of all. But do they really understand what the Man-in-the-Moon has planned for them? Do they truly grasp the concept of what it means to be a "Guardian"?

{I do not, unfortunately, own Rise of the Guardians (RotG). I only own my characters, my plot, and my legends.}

Book 1/2

HeartLikeChina0412 HeartLikeChina0412 Jan 07, 2016
My favourite tree is personally a weeping willow it always has. My favourite season is winter. I've always wanted to sit under a weeping willow when it's snowy too. I think it would be peaceful and beautiful.
SapphireRuby123 SapphireRuby123 Dec 31, 2015
If I were to be a spirit or guardian, I'd be a spirit of music or technology (gadgets, computers, laptops, phones)
SapphireRuby123 SapphireRuby123 Dec 31, 2015
That was . . . sad ;-; I feel sorry for the spirit.  I would pay attention to the tree If I had ever seen what it looks like.
EnderSorceress292 EnderSorceress292 Dec 29, 2015
Perhaps you purpose is to offer comfort to those in need of it. Sorry. Just doing my thinking.
lilyblaney lilyblaney Jun 08, 2015
This chapter is so calm and sweet and wonderful; I know I'm going to love this story :)
ashgray33 ashgray33 Feb 12, 2015
finally a story that has a  main character that's not Caucasian