How to Get Followers, Reads, Votes and Shares

How to Get Followers, Reads, Votes and Shares

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Hello, dear Wattpader :D

Are you new to Wattpad and you want to know how all those popular authors get their massive amount of followers? Do you also want to know how one gets plenty of reads and votes? Or maybe you aren't new to Wattpad and you have your own reasons as to why you came here. 

Well, you came to the right place:)

Welcome to my world, where you will now know your favourite writers' secrets on being successful.

(I'd appreciate it if you read this book till the end before you start judging it. I do not tolerate with people saying "follow me and then only I'll follow you back / I won't follow you if you don't follow me" as it is a childish way to gain followers. Please understand my actions for not entertaining these type of people) 

 ((Some tips may or may not be helpful. Some of it also may or may not be effective, depends on how you use my tips or change it in your own way.))

[COVER MADE AND WRITTEN BY @STINGEUCLIFFELOVER. Plagiarism is highly discouraged. Plz stop taking other people's ideas you lazy copycats] ●︿●