The Murdering Games Have Begun

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writerz101 By writerz101 Updated 4 years ago
Jonathon Taylor is a stalker, a murderer, a horrible person who enjoys the pain of others. Christie doesn't want him to get away with this. Christie is a beautiful-looking woman who may be his next victim..........
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@CarlThomas  haha!! my ninja reflexes are too advanced. you'll never stalk me without me knowing!! :D
@twixx009 Ok, you seem to know more than the average Wattpad user. I think I'll STALK you and see how good your ninja moves are;)
@CarlThomas  his/her forum violated wattpad's rules and was closed by watt pad, not him/her.
                                    @writerz101 this is a GREAT story and i'm adding it t o my library!!! u have my vote, and fan!
even though its short, its still really good. can't wait for chapter 3!
This is going to be a very scary story XO I will be reading every chapter to know what happens in the murdering games!!!!!! Great title, i bet when there is a cover its going to be amazing!! I will recomend you to all my friends.