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ibrabelle By ibrabelle Updated Aug 24, 2018

highest rank #187 in teen fiction /10-10-17/

Cover credits : @xkateislitx
everything was perfect or completely normal as my usual Friday nights me being on my own going with the flow of my life according to its rules and regulations being a "good girl " and out of no where normality stopped when a sudden dark figure literary breaking into my house and walking or more accurately rushing towards me with a Ummm not so pleasing look and stands exactly in front of me with a frown making those blue eyes more deadly and I was just fixed on my spot, can't breathe and trembling so much it felt I would collapse any moment . "stop singing a suicide song for eardrums will you ??" he spoke with a voice like thunderstorm . Soren Johnson.....  

Talent is talent be it a good one or a bad and sometimes bad things turn out  best than the good ones
Meet Adriel and how her terrible singing skills make the bad boy fall for her .

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