Wonderland??  [BoyxBoy] Wonderland?? [BoyxBoy]

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Welcome to Wonderland...a magical place of utter confusion and fun that seems to thrive on insanity. Alex is now lost in a world that is not his own and meets interesting creatures; some he knows and some he doesn't. Travel with him as he leaves his life of semi-boredom and falls into a world that leaves him speechless. Follow him as he tries to escape this abnormally enchanting dreamland...

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i don't usually like parties but when i do they're tea parties
Messy_Handwriting Messy_Handwriting Dec 27, 2016
Wow! Your style of writing is incredible! I feel like I'm there with him!! It's so real! I love the way you describe the place ☺ it's really impressive! 😊 I like it so far!! Great job!
LorraineBatista LorraineBatista Apr 17, 2016
I love Alice and wonderland one of my favorites decided to give this book a try... let the adventure begin.
AoiLover AoiLover Mar 08, 2017
Since everything doesn't makes sense if it were me I'll probably go with the flow and choose wherever you aren't or the big heart cause you know it's just a symbol
InfinityLove77 InfinityLove77 Oct 19, 2015
I just read this book twice and I still love it that I'm reading it all over again
SamanthaHeart9 SamanthaHeart9 Jun 26, 2015
Ooooooooohhhhhhhh! So interesting...I can tell I'm really going to like this. ^^