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Enprix Deatharte By Enprix Updated a year ago
Enprix Deatharte, a boy said to have no actual capabilities, struggles through a world where everyone has "Ability", a power where one can do things that were thought impossible. He has to face people who are after him, and free himself from his own bind. (Revision meaning, I'm correcting lexical and grammar errors. Also removing inconsistencies if there are such. Please bear with me.)
Pretty good miss author. But i think the persons point of view at the prologue is way too long? It kinda bore me to read it and anyways all in all he seemed to be so sweet and thats what it kept me from reading. 
                                    You have the potential. Keep it up xx
awww :l <3 this was lovely (: an amazing way to start out a story!
so this is from a guy's pov. i love reading that kind of stories to see if they are realistic enough to be told from a guy's pov
This is extremely cool with an awsome weird vibe to it. It feels so unique and the cover gives off so many different questions!! :D
OH MY GOSH. Bakit ngayon ko lang nakita na Romance pala Genre neto?? Basa basa din. :D
lucky girl. by the way. off to chapter one. =D nice prologue.