Crimson Desire

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Ruthy By TearsOfAngels Updated 4 years ago
If little red riding hood was set in today what would it be like? This! When Scarlett Hood was just a little girl she and her mother were attacked by a big, monstorous wolf. she survived , her mother did not. now, aged fifteen strange things are happening. a new teacher with familiar eyes, a new student with a wildness about him, a new mom and step-siblings and an asian best friend make up Crimson Desire. A tale of love, passion, mystry and werewolves. Join me in the wood if you're not afraid of the big bad wolf...
@BehindMyCrimsonEyes Girl you got to start writing some more chapters because I'm dieing here
@BehindMyCrimsonEyes It is good but why is daryl trying to get scarlette? i whant his brother to have her the one that fell in love with her and killed her mom i know his name but forgot how to spell it
Omg omg im dieing for the next chapter and I'm writing a book to but I'm kinda affrade to ripe it up on the computer and post it like what if people don't like it
tht sucks ur appearence rreminding u of ur mother and u were like there wne she died kinda. Wow it's rlly good... keep uploading
This is really, really good. But it kinda sounds like that new movie that's coming out about Red Riding Hood, the one with Amanda Seyfried. But other than that it was extremely good.
Good job so far. Your writing is descriptive- just the way I like it. :3