The Shift

The Shift

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Emily By dropsofargent Updated Sep 25

Book II of the Lost Luna Trilogy

I had finally accepted being a wolf-less Luna. Well that's what we had all thought I was. But we were wrong. I was special whether I liked that or not and I was about to find out why. 


Skylar Lancaster is the Luna of the River Hollows Pack. She's been kidnapped, more than once, and has almost lost her mate, many times. And she now has a one year old son to take care of. All this time, she's been unable to shift, unable to protect herself, or her son. 

That changes now. She starts going through weird and painful physical changes and she finds how special she actually is. She finally figures out why the rogues want her so desperately. 

Danger lurks around the corner when she does something no one expected from her, not even Skylar herself. 

She shifts.

Highest rank: #2 in Werewolf 9/13/16

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OHMIGOSH I'M SHO EXCITED!!! I CANT WAI– oh... sorry... I'm already reading..... XDDD
DIAMOND______ DIAMOND______ Dec 17, 2016
Omg is it just me but I hate when people do that! Like after 11 months your baby is 1 or 2
crichardson3rd crichardson3rd Apr 24, 2016
She has always had her wolf it's was dormant as far as shifting  but her voice was always there
Ltcaine1 Ltcaine1 Oct 09, 2015
Yes! I was wondering about that!  That's why She's in so much Pain! Once She shifts maybe Her pain will go away too!
jypsey185 jypsey185 Aug 26, 2015
RhyneBooker RhyneBooker Jul 15, 2015
Hey that's liv and maddys theme song  I watch a lot of Disney