Two Fangs Deep

Two Fangs Deep

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Eldriel By Eldriel Updated Feb 12

Revenge. Revenge is the one thing that exists in every story. Sometimes it's as simple as revenge against an ex, other times... Well, that's where I come in. You see, I'm no ordinary person with ordinary people problems, no. I'm much more than that.

I do the impossible. Sure I have some... let's call them skills that help me along the way, but they just make it more exciting. New adventures every day, new dangers around each corner. A lifestyle which doesn't fit just anyone.

I guess you're still wondering what I do? Why my life is so exciting? The answer is easy. I'm an assassin. I kill for the thrill of it, not for money. I kill, I torture, I maim for the simplest price in the world, a favor. 

Listen to me carefully... Never underestimate the power of being indebted to someone. Sometimes it may just be the little thing that decides whether you live or die...

I have to admit, even I have wanted to seek revenge on my own accord. My teaching goes against it... but like I said there is no story that doesn't involve some good old fashioned revenge.