My Savior  -Kehlani& SZA Fanfiction-

My Savior -Kehlani& SZA Fanfiction-

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WifeOfNicki By WifeOfNicki Updated Nov 05, 2020

17 year old Kehlani Ashley Parrish thinks of herself as a disgusting freak while others praise her because of her extra anatomy. She has a twin named Leilani Ashlyn Parrish who unlike her sister shows off her anatomy as if it were a prize. Her mom left them because of them not being "normal." She's dealt with physical and verbal abuse, she's a lost soul who's uncomfortable in her own skin. She use to result to cutting but now She runs to music and sports to help cope. All Kehlani wants is to be loved for herself but will exes and obstacles get in the way of that?

24 year old Solana Imani Rowe aka SZA, a troubled adult who's life is upside now. She's in a rocky relationship with a guy her mother set her up with more like forced her to be with, because she says she needs to get through her faze. She has a heart but she's scared to show it due to her past.She runs to music as an outlet, all she wants is to be understood and loved. Can she get that?

Will these two meet? Will they fall for each other and help each other? Or will they turn their backs away from one another? Read to Find out.