Things Can Only Get Better... Or Not!

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Zoe By weetwifan Updated 3 years ago
Alexis was ten when her parents were murdered and her pack blamed her for it. Seven years later the only one she can count on is her big brother Chris but when she finds her mate and is rejected, things spin out of control and she has to leave. Four years later she has moved on with her life and made a reputation for herself in her world. But what happens when her hard worked for status brings her back to her old pack? People change, Alexis did so will she give her old pack mates a second chance? Her mate?
I liked this one the best so far when I started to read it I could'nt put it down until I finished it . It was wonderful
This is really good!  I love Alexis, lol. She reminds me a bit of Emily from New Moon, haha. I don't know why. But you should definetly keep writing! :)