I am NOT attracted to my boss! (MxB Yaoi) *Completed*

I am NOT attracted to my boss! (MxB Yaoi) *Completed*

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PandaLayla_Emma By PandaLayla Completed

*This story gets a bit sexy at times* My name is Marcus... and I am not attracted to my boss.  I do NOT get aroused around him.  I do NOT want to lick his body.  I do NOT want him to fuck me senseless.  And I definitely do NOT love him.    ^_~  © 2013 December (Completed 1/11/2014)

*I wrote this in 2013, it's extremely detailed for no reason and has a few plot holes. Let me be, I was 13-14.*

I'll have a new book coming out soon

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The sad thing is that if this was me, the boss would never notice, because I'm good at hiding my feelings and I wouldn't let anything slip, and I can control myself, I'm also ugly and definitely younger than him
Erwin4lyfe Erwin4lyfe Nov 30, 2017
It may be cute but don’t be fooled I actually lost the sight in my left eye cuz of a cat he’s still cute
Ohana_4_Life Ohana_4_Life Jun 15, 2017
I'm not a cat person, for some reason they get real creepy and viscous
TaestyJuancock TaestyJuancock Jul 12, 2016
And im not a fangirl who loves 54 korean men and 23 asian men
midnightthunderstorm midnightthunderstorm Apr 10, 2016
So cute and looks so soft and cuddly, dang now I want to cuddle with the kitty
squirt_rox squirt_rox Dec 14, 2016
If this is how you start a book I think you will be my favourite author 
                              Like naawwwww look at the pretty kitty