Misery (Klaine)

Misery (Klaine)

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Cursed Or Not By TheCursedOrNot Completed

Kurt doesn't speak much. If he ever finally does speak up, will he have the courage to face his fears? Will he take chances? Or will he let his life be ruled by complete and utter terror? Is he the only one with damage? 


I was not silent in my attempts to retrieve my bag. No, I was grunting and mumbling the whole time with my strenuous efforts to get Kurt off the strap of my satchel all while being hyper aware of how my face was basically between his knees. But now was not the time for dirty thoughts. Since the sounds were coming from under the table, by Kurt's crotch, and I was grunting stuff like, "dirty cocksucker, you'll be lucky if I don't punch you in the balls," I'm pretty sure anyone within hearing distance thought I was giving him a rather violent hand job. And of course Kurt wouldn't just move his foot so I could come out from under the table. Nope, he just sat there.

Trigger Warning: Self harm and non con mentioned often.

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happypotterlol happypotterlol Dec 13, 2017
Me whenever I go outside I turn away and a split second later I’m hitting the curb or a lamp post😂
confizzledd confizzledd May 14, 2017
This is so me... 
                              I once ran into a wall and made half my face bleed
                              And I basically ram into tables and chairs every day
FoxHybridGaming FoxHybridGaming Sep 24, 2017
It's called a diary, but according to teenage boys it's called a journal.
happypotterlol happypotterlol Dec 13, 2017
Tickle me dough boy or gelfling lol (look up gelflings on google)
Christie_19_books Christie_19_books Mar 07, 2016
COUCH CX CX IDK it's funny I imagine a couch that looks like sue idk don't judge me cx cx
- - Sep 05, 2016
the desks at my school have like 'plastic' tops and wooden sides so when you walk into the wood, it feels like your giving birth to splinter babies