Hi I'm Nathan Gall (rhymes with ball) and this is my story as a rockstar. This is the second story from Oblivious.

Evil_Angel_Deathwish Evil_Angel_Deathwish Dec 07, 2011
@korahline its how i pictured it in my mind, but if you like a straight to the point book then thats not me XD I liked to create my own little worlds in my own imaginary world in my head ^^ (just a little but crazy)
Evil_Angel_Deathwish Evil_Angel_Deathwish Feb 06, 2011
hahaha if i told u the storyline you wouldnt read it and thats not it :)
Guitarfreak456 Guitarfreak456 Feb 06, 2011
I really like it. I love the premise and the fact that no one knows who they are. someones gonna find out tho... ANYWHO love the story!