The Royal Lord | On Hold

The Royal Lord | On Hold

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summer By nothingstans Updated May 22, 2018

"Give me a reason."

Her brows furrowed in deep thoughts. "Because you are a kind person," she answered causing his eyebrows to raise.

"Am I?" he chuckled. Only she would say that. 

"Okay I promise," he said to see her sighed with relief. "But only in one condition," he continued in a serious tone as he stood up and walked slowly towards her. 

Royle watched her gulped as he stopped in front of her. "Let me have a taste of your blood."


2580 years from now 

Vampires first appear in the world, threatening the human population. Both the vampires and governments came together to work out an agreement to control and protect both parties.  

Then appeared a new hybrid - Dhampirs. No one knows their existence- except a few. It's a secret keep to protect them. But what if the secret is spilled and their existence were being threatened? 

 Will he keep the promise or will he betray her?   

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