Journey to the Wall (Complete)

Journey to the Wall (Complete)

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// Book One in the Ice Wall Saga (Fully Edited Final Versions of Chapters 1-5 now available! Chapters 6-25 Rough, Unedited and Raw Versions)

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Highest Rank #19 Anxiety Attacks
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// 1st Place Winner Science Fiction - Reach For The Stars Awards
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// 2nd Place Winner Science Fiction - The Paper Plane Awards

"Everything that you have ever known is a lie that you have been taught."

Amelia Cunnings is a 25-year-old introvert who spends most of her time inside her cozy apartment, working as an online transcriptionist for doctors and lawyers. Until one day, when she is offered a job that is both totally bizarre and potentially dangerous. Forcing herself out of her comfort zone, the young woman embarks on a thrilling journey that will both stretch the boundaries of her mind and eradicate everything that she thought she knew to be true. Torn between what she had been taught her whole life and the truth now staring her in the face, Amelia must confront whether it is really possible that our life on Earth is completely different that what we think it is. A life where our Earth doesn't end at an atmosphere in space, but simply at the boundaries we set for ourselves. And if so, what lays beyond those boundaries? Amelia's new job will lead her to the answers, but just what exactly will they find when they reach their destination - The Antarctic Ice Wall?

"Wow! You make third person POV look so flawless! I love it and even forget PoVs are a thing I'm just so enwrapped in Amelia's world" - wolfofstarlight

"Intense, very well written" - LyndaCoker

"Hit me right in the feels" - SpratleyMac

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