WildFire - Paul Lahote ✔

WildFire - Paul Lahote ✔

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"She's a Wildfire, untamed"

''What makes you think that I can tame her?!''

....."You're her mate, of course you can tame her''

Everly Cullen, or possibly Mikaelson, the second oldest Cullen. She's been waiting over a century for her mate, eventually giving up. She became wild and untamed, not letting anyone tame her. 

After being gone for a year, she comes back to Forks Washington. She becomes friends with Bella Swan, her brother Edward's human mate. Taking a trip to the rez changes Everly's life. Is it for the better or the worse? What happened? And why does Everly feel the way she does around a certain someone? People from the past come and surprise Eve. Then a there are secrets that some of the Cullen's are keeping from Everly and everyone else. What are they? And why does Everly feel like something big is going to happen..that it's going to change everything she's ever known....

[Paul Lahote x Everly Cullen]


I do not own any characters besides my own.

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