Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid

Yellow Tales of a Nigerian Housemaid

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Marian Onukwufor By WeirderMum Updated 12 hours ago


Based on a true life story. 

Have you ever struggled to survive? 
Faced with constant sexual abuse?
Beaten and left for dead?
How did you survive?

It's central theme is abuse. This true story showcases the various horrible experiences most housemaids are forced to undergo in the hands of their guardians in Nigeria and in other parts of the world. It is a heart wrenching story which must definitely bring tears to your eyes. 

And if you were once a housemaid, this story might make you relive past experiences you once had. 

It also tries to show how most parents become involuntary accomplices to their child's plight. 

It is based on a true events, however names and characters, location and scenes have been changed for personal and security reasons.

All rights reserved. Please do not share or use any part of this story without express permission from the author. 

Say no to plagiarism!

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CasperJnr CasperJnr Sep 29
Nice first Chapter
                              I hope all the remain chapters won't be as sad as this😁
iamnotmagic iamnotmagic Nov 08
I feel so guilty for taking  loving arents and noo chores for granted...
Freshpaul97 Freshpaul97 Oct 28
I hope the blood didnt come from her Aunt's fiance raping her
NiniMandisa NiniMandisa Oct 25
So her useless mother will just let her aunt abuse her while she's still alive and breathing? Lol couldn't be me. I'd deal with that household too well
user44402699 user44402699 2 days ago
In truth Love has become your appetite for living... Little wonders of hmm oh it feels been denied of love as life it sucks the whole out of one been  belittled is the offspring of inferiority...
Becareful what you wish for.... But still it'd be good for someone to help