Saved by Malfoy*

Saved by Malfoy*

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Mudblood By mudblood_and_proud9 Completed

Alright, this is the edited and twisted version. I completely changed it, but at the same time, I kept everything that was there before. 


I was running. My bare, bloody feet were screaming at me to stop and rest. The cold breeze freezing my barely covered body. My stomach ached from hunger, and my legs threatened to give out at any moment. 

He was right behind me, getting closer by the second. I knew I lost. I couldn't escape him. He was much faster than me; he was only pretending to put up a struggle.

I screamed as he tripped me and pinned me to the ground. The rough pavement scratched my soft skin. He knelt on my back, so I couldn't move. 

"Ron, please," I sobbed, "let me go."

This is a version of Harry Potter where Harry died instead of Voldemort. Mudbloods were inslaved. Purebloods ruled the world.


I don't own the Harry Potter characters or places. I do own the plot, so back off please.

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does pg 14 mean it contains smut cuz if soj sign me up they ar so cute 2gether
gaurijain12 gaurijain12 Feb 16
when i wonder if ive read this book before or not,
                              then i realized that ron was abusing her in your other books too...
                              congrats ron
                              ur a real sweetheart
ThatSlytherinChick ThatSlytherinChick Oct 30, 2017
I am writing a story as if Draco had a daughter!:) Please check it out and I will check out your stories!:) It is called "Ariana, my story". It does not have anything to do with Ariana Grande!;)
Heleanor2 Heleanor2 Jun 22
Uaghjjjajansnsskkasnsn!!!! Words cannot express my anger!!!! Imma go punch a wall bye!!!
omg love the starting. oh wait i mean the plot not the things about granger