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Write Now

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Steve Williams By stevenbwriting Updated May 29, 2018

Writing and creating stories can be so rewarding, but it can also be really frustrating. 

As a published author I've dealt with  writer's block, feeling like my writing will never improve, wondering what are the best ways to grow my writing skills and more.

In this book I'll pass on what I've learned, answer your questions, and provide exercises that we can all use to grow our writing abilities.

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EvilHimuchacha EvilHimuchacha 6 days ago
i have depression anyways, so welp
                              (hint: i dont really have depression)
Scooby_dubydoo234 Scooby_dubydoo234 Sep 28, 2018
That is me, and sadly it still is me, to this day. Whenever I see someone else's writing and their story, I believe that mine cannot compare- that their trumps over mine and will probably get published and made into a hard copy, a tv show or something!
eleeflee eleeflee Sep 25, 2018
It's very easy to relate to this piece of writing and it's relieving for writers to read about someone else's experience and perspective that is similar to their own.
StellarAnon StellarAnon Sep 20, 2018
Who ever put the links to the Nun movie. I'd like to say thank you.
KrutiMehta KrutiMehta Sep 14, 2018
Based on your advise in this chapter  I have started a new romance story "Beyond the Boundaries" . It is a story about love and friendship and the barriers that one is willing to break for them - https://www.wattpad.com/story/161543130-beyond-the-boundaries . Please let me know how you like it :)
ThatOneCoo-KooGirl ThatOneCoo-KooGirl Aug 01, 2018
I need ideas because im not a good writer. I just copy books that are already published in real life.