Strange New Eyes

Strange New Eyes

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Xenoclea By Xenoclea Completed

Aysel is a Letter, an ancient people with blood teeming with magic just waiting to be released by a blade. But when her elder brother is captured by an unseen foe, only to return weeks later with a mysterious, seemingly-incurable illness, Aysel knows that no amount of spilled blood will be enough to save him. 

The only chance lies with the monsters that lurk in the shadows of her world, Beasts with violent minds, a taste for flesh, and  power enough to rival even a Letter. Her pact with them-- a cure for her brother in return for her service-- will reveal deep-seated hatred in her own heart, souls twisted by greed and fear, and love where she thought nothing but evil could grow.

Cover by @Azanthiel

@YASciFantasy Staff Pick 
Completed 2019
74,962 Words